What you should do about it?

Morty Yara mortyyara43 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 13 04:44:23 UTC 2019

Time have changed. I'm not saying that this is easy.

Microsoft has altered their operating system to report real-time data back
to a central data repository. They managed to do this because the operating
system was just so easy to use, users had the natural inclination to touch
the propriety OS instead of free and open source software. Next, next,
next, and you've accepted browser history disclosure through the setup
along with your voice fragments, for which a BestBuy associate, or perhaps
an automated process has accepted the terms of the license agreement, at a
physical store before you even bought the machine. I just wanted to tell
you the truth. You are one of the only remaining options for users who wish
to be free. (FreeBSD) Of course, we can optimize our settings to disable
the tracking, diagtrack, set that to 4 with regedit 'disabled'. Firewall,
set it to blocking from the inside, remove the default configuration from
MS. Add almost 100 entries to the host file, but the OS will ignore some
entries anyways. The system administrator thought that NAT meant to block
from the inside too, but that wasn't a true firewall, it was network
address translation.. Windows Update, set a policy to prevent automated
rebooting of the machine while you're working. NAT, it's just a program
that took the source address, and updated each frame to correspond to the
outside layer 3 address and network. I took the time send you this because
you this because I know you have the opportunity to create the next free
OS. The one that respects people's rights. It's not going to be easy, but
you have the opportunity to create an alternative.

Monitor mode to see each machine on the network, instead of the Android
mentality of not allowing low-level network access all together. Android
users don't even have access to the ARP table in Android 10 'permission
denied'. Which devices are on your WiFi network anyways? From Google, Fing,
we destroyed you're whole business. Trying to protect your home with Haven?
We will disallow camera access from a background thread, and we'll say that
this is in the name of fighting APT malware.

You are free and open source developers up against something that is truly
evil. Regardless of what it said here, the community is looking to you to
give the choices back. Look at Android. Most devices have locked the
bootloader down to the point where free and open software (FOSS) could not
even run without a signatory key from the device's manufacture who would
never escrow such a key without monetary involvement. Create the software,
the platform, that mobile devices can run on. Let each user have access to
software and we will do the rest, to ensure that no one is denied access to
this software, even at risk of our own lives. Create something that is
truly intuitive. Make a whole new desktop OS that define Microsoft's and
Apple's logic.

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