from mfi to mrsas, a question to those who use mrsas

Victor Sudakov vas at
Sat Oct 12 12:36:36 UTC 2019

Dear Colleagues,

I'm considering switching from mfi to mrsas, so a couple of questions to
those of you who use mrsas.

1. I have mirrors configured in mfi (see below). After switching, shall
I continue to see and use the configured hardware RAID volumes, or will
the disks suddenly become.. well, just separate disks?

2. I think I'll lose the convenience of mfiutil. Is there anything to
manage mrsas drives/volumes/firmware from inside FreeBSD (adding arrays,
monitoring drives etc)?

My controller:

# mfiutil show adapter
mfi0 Adapter:
    Product Name: PERC H730P Adapter
   Serial Number: 8A801NM
     RAID Levels: JBOD, RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID6, RAID10, RAID50
  Battery Backup: present
           NVRAM: 32K
  Onboard Memory: 2048M
  Minimum Stripe: 64K
  Maximum Stripe: 1M

# mfiutil show config
mfi0 Configuration: 2 arrays, 2 volumes, 1 spares
    array 0 of 2 drives:
        drive  0 ( 1118G) ONLINE <SEAGATE ST1200MM0099 ST31 serial=WFK0VDHV> SCSI-6
        drive  1 ( 1118G) ONLINE <SEAGATE ST1200MM0099 ST31 serial=WFK1CBDX> SCSI-6
    array 1 of 2 drives:
        drive  2 ( 1677G) ONLINE <SEAGATE DL1800MM0159 ST51 serial=WBN0A2F3> SCSI-6
        drive  3 ( 1677G) ONLINE <SEAGATE DL1800MM0159 ST51 serial=WBN07XPM> SCSI-6
    volume mfid0 (1117G) RAID-1 64K OPTIMAL spans:
        array 0
    volume mfid1 (1676G) RAID-1 64K OPTIMAL spans:
        array 1
    global spare  4 ( 1677G) HOT SPARE <SEAGATE DL1800MM0159 ST51 serial=WBN0A30Q> SCSI-6

Victor Sudakov,  VAS4-RIPE, VAS47-RIPN
2:5005/49 at fidonet
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