Installation image size for CD exceeds media size

Polytropon freebsd at
Fri Nov 29 21:39:29 UTC 2019

On the path of building a "new" FreeBSD experimenting system, I
planned to use the installation image for optical media, as the
system in question doesn't seem to boot from USB. No big deal.
I just recognized that the CD image for FreeBSD 12.1 (amd64) has
a size that makes it impossible to be used with a CD medium. Why
is it 910008320 Bytes (ca. 867 MB), while a CD can hold 650 MB
or 700 MB? In the past (yes, I can remember), there were several
CD images, usually "disc1" for system and ports installation,
"disc2" containing a live system, and "disc3" and "disc4" with
packaged software. With such a set, you could install a FreeBSD
system entirely offline.

Back on topic: With cdrecord, I tried -ignsize and -overburn,
-sao and -raw, but nothing seems to work - well, not totally

I'm going to download the DVD image now, which fits a typical
DVD medium, and use that instead, as the optical unit can read
both CDs and DVDs...

My question still remains: Why is there no "disc1" image file
that fits on a CD?

Or what is that image supposed to be used for?

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