FreeBSD-12.1 on laptop

Kurt Hackenberg kh at
Thu Nov 28 18:32:03 UTC 2019

On 2019-11-28 08:02, Polytropon wrote:

> The drm.ko module is also loaded. You'll need to have your
> username be a member of the "video" group to make it actually
> work for direct rendering in X, if I remember correctly.
> But why did you also load the nvidia kernel module? It shouldn't
> be there if you're using an Intel GPU. This matches the unneeded
> nvidia X11 driver...

At one point, vm finance told us that computer has an Nvidia graphics 

> I actually have "Pro-level NVIDIA® Quadro® P500 graphics" on my P52S
> Thinkpad.

Maybe that's true. Maybe that computer has both that and an Intel 
graphics processor that's part of the main processor.

A web search finds that Lenovo used to sell a ThinkPad P52S, but doesn't 
anymore. Ads for that computer confirm that it has "Pro-level NVIDIA® 
Quadro® P500 graphics", and say the processor is an Intel i7-8550U, 
which includes "Intel® UHD Graphics 620", which apparently is a graphics 
processor packaged with the main processor.

So, vm finance, it looks like that computer has two graphics processors. 
Which one do you want to use? I guess the Nvidia graphics processor is 
probably faster.

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