FreeBSD-12.1 on laptop

vm finance vm.finance2 at
Thu Nov 28 02:18:05 UTC 2019

I tried to add
to /boot/loader.conf but it stalls the system during bootup....

On Thu, Nov 28, 2019 at 5:34 AM Kurt Hackenberg <kh at> wrote:

> On 2019-11-27 13:33, vm finance wrote:
> > I had to comment out this exact line to get my system to boot
> successfully.
> > I actually have "Pro-level NVIDIA® Quadro® P500 graphics" on my P52S
> > Thinkpad.
> > Not sure if 12.1 has native support for this, or do I need to
> > download/build this.
> >
> > Per the discussions on this topic, I think I should stay away from pkg
> > ..drm-kmod
> ...
> >> kld_list="/boot/modules/i915kms.ko"
> ...
> >>> However startx is still failing - same framebuffer error.
> All right, a few things are going on.
> It's true that to use any drm-kmod on 12.1, you have to compile it, so
> it matches the kernel. (Those packages are compiled for 12.0, and
> something changed in the kernel.)
> The framebuffer thing might be this: both versions of the AMD drm-kmod
> (modules amdgpu and radeon) interfere with the EFI framebuffer. This bug
> has not yet been tracked down. You can work around it by shutting off
> the system console during boot, by adding this to /boot/loader.conf:
>      hw.syscons.disable=1
> There will be a system console after the drm-kmod driver is loaded and
> takes over. However, this is only a problem with UEFI boot;
> old-fashioned boot doesn't use that EFI framebuffer (I think it uses a
> VGA framebuffer instead). And it's never a problem with the Intel
> drm-kmod (i915kms), no matter how you boot.
> But neither of those drivers, Intel or AMD, applies to your Nvidia
> graphics processor. Nvidia writes drivers for their GPUs, but apparently
> does not give out source code, only binaries. I don't know whether
> FreeBSD distributes those binaries.
> But it's possible that your laptop computer has two graphics processors.
> Some do, apparently. That happens when the computer uses a main
> processor that has a graphics processor included in the package, and
> also has a separate graphics processor. I don't know why manufacturers
> do that.
> But maybe you can get by without any GPU driver, which means not using
> the graphics processor. Instead, graphics is done by software on the
> main processor, which is slower. That may or may not be fast enough. If
> your computer works, runs X and everything, without loading any graphics
> driver, maybe that's OK.
> Some documentation:
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