FreeBSD-12.1 on laptop

Davor Balder davor at
Wed Nov 27 05:15:40 UTC 2019


I think you are having problems because you need to install xorg and 
your display managers as you wish.

Have a look at steps in this guide as an example of installation on a 

Any further issues, please let us know and one of us will try to assist.

As for your questions regarding TrueOS, this was a project sponsored by 
iXsystems. Desktop effort became project Trident. If my understanding is 
correct, their latest version is for Linux, not (Free)BSD.

So, you would seem to be on the right track.

Kind regards,


On 27/11/19 3:08 pm, vm finance wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to install FreeBSD 12.1 on my ThinkPad. I burned an image to
> USB from, install went through ok but ran into "startx" issues
> (Cannot run in framebuffer mod...). Tried a few suggestions on google but
> nothing worked;(
> I am trying to see if TrueOS is something I could use to install. But
> unable to find USB .img file for the latest TrueOS 18.X....I do see .iso
> but need .img for installation via USB on laptop.
> I am new to FreeBSD world, and would really like to get "a" desktop version
> running on my laptop (later need to download latest sources, build and play
> with latest versions).
> Any pointers/suggestions highly appreciated!
> Thanks a lot!
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