will the current FreeBSD C; compile (true) AT&T assembler files, with embedded / delimited comments ?

g4jht g4jht at eircom.net
Sun Nov 10 17:59:26 UTC 2019

    I have an oddball question:
I looking for a compiler (not gcc) that can handle things like the 
following snippet,
which is pure AT&T syntax i386 assembler

/----------- start of snippet --------------
/ Allocate new counter
         addl    $4,%eax         / compute ptr to call count (counter.count)
         movl    %eax,(%edx)     /       and store it in caller's ptr
         movl    0(%esp),%edx
         movl    %edx,-4(%eax)   / set proc addr in counter structure

         movl    $1,(%eax)       / init call count (skip increment)
         jmp     .ret
/----------- end of snippet --------------

I do not wish to start changing the source rather I am  looking for a 
compiler that
will process it in unmodified form (and without resorting to 
pre-processor or other "tricks"?
Will the compiler in current FreeBSD do what I want please ?
If it will also accept (pre-ANSI) K&R Whitebook C that would be even 

Note I am not a newbie!

great weekend and regards,

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