Ports nvidia driver vs NVIDIA provided driver

Patrick Mahan plmahan at gmail.com
Sun Nov 24 22:51:46 UTC 2019

I have an older GeForce GTS 450.  For years after every OS upgrade I have
unpacked the latest tar file from NVIDIA that contains the driver
supporting my graphics card, built and installed and keep on going.

Now, once I upgraded to 12.1 the default compiler is clang, not gcc.  And
not surprisingly the rebuild of the driver is failing.

A couple of questions:

First, should I stay with the code from Nvidia or go with the Nvidia
support in the X11 packages?

Secondly, has anyone successfully built the Nvidia FreeBSD x86_64 390.116
driver on FreeBSD 12.1?  With clang or gcc?

Just trying to make my life easier :-)


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