Where the best place to question about feature

Nilton Jose Rizzo rizzo at rizzo.eng.br
Sat Nov 23 13:42:50 UTC 2019

Hi all

I'm have a quenstion about getopt_long functionality, where the best
place to send my question?

I'm trying use a getopt_long and get a fuzzy operation with 
an optional argument.

Look at git at gitlab.com:ufrrj/disciplinas/IC501.git
the source code are in src/C++  or src/C directory

when I run with this command line:

% clang getopt_long.c -o getopt_long
% ./getopt_long 
Retorno: 1 :
% ./getopt_long -h
Retorno: 0 :
% ./getopt_long -h d
Help: d :
Retorno: 1 :
% ./getopt_long --help
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
% ./getopt_long --help=
Help:   :
Retorno: 1 :

My questions is How I detect correct when the optional argument
was passed or not


Nilton José Rizzo

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