consequences with pkgs of freebsd-update upgrade?

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Sat Nov 16 17:34:25 UTC 2019


I use freebsd-update upgrade to upgrade a server from 12.0 to 12.1. During the
process, I see this:

# /usr/sbin/freebsd-update install
src component not installed, skipped
Installing updates...
Completing this upgrade requires removing old shared object files.
Please rebuild all installed 3rd party software (e.g., programs
installed from the ports tree) and then run "/usr/sbin/freebsd-update install"
again to finish installing updates.

I use poudriere on another machine to maintain ports as packages for this upgraded one.

1. do I need to reinstall all packages?
2. do I need to upgrade the poudriere jail first to match the client machine

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