Installing FreeBSD 12.1 on XPS 8930

Jerry jerry at
Thu Nov 14 17:34:36 UTC 2019

I am trying to install FreeBSD 12.1 onto a Dell XPS 8930 PC. I had to
shut off secure boot in order to get the PC to use the CD I created.
This was a “Boot Only” CD. I intended to install via the net, like I
always do.

Shortly after the CD boots up, this message is displayed, ad infinitum:

uhub_reattach_port: giving up port reset - device vanished

It is impossible for me to install FreeBSD because of this. Since I
have never had this happen before, I assume it is something local to
this PC.

I Googled and came up with nothing.  Can anyone assist me? If not, I am
going to end up with a semi-expensive paper weight.


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