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Wed Nov 13 16:15:30 UTC 2019

On 11/13/19 5:09 AM, Jerry wrote:
> Running FreeBSD 12.1, is there any way to manually start the screen
> saver? I have this is the "/etc/rc.conf" file, but the screen saver
> never starts.
> ## Screen Saver
> saver="star"

The default console driver for modern FreeBSD versions is the vt(4) 
console driver. This is needed for modern X11 with kernel mode setting.

As far as I know, the console screensavers only work with the legacy 
sc(4) console driver. I have not seen anything thus far that suggests 
this has changed.

To make the console screensavers work again, you can set the following 
in loader.conf(5) and reboot:


Keep in mind that this will break modern X and possibly EFI boot display 
output as well.

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