Versions mismatch

@lbutlr kremels at
Thu Nov 7 21:57:52 UTC 2019

On 07 Nov 2019, at 11:39, RW via freebsd-questions <freebsd-questions at> wrote:
> On Thu, 7 Nov 2019 11:00:21 -0700 @lbutlr wrote:
>> 👹 root at mail # freebsd-update fetch
>> Looking up mirrors... 3 mirrors found.
>> Fetching metadata signature for 11.3-RELEASE from
>> done. Fetching metadata index... done.
>> Inspecting system... done.
>> Preparing to download files... done.
>> No updates needed to update system to 11.3-RELEASE-p4.
>> 👹 root at mail # uname -or
>> FreeBSD 11.3-RELEASE-p3
>> (I had previously fetched, installed, and rebooted the machine)
>> What did I forget?
> Probably nothing, freebsd-update only updates what needs updating, and
> some point releases don't affect both userland and the kernel. This can
> lead to uname getting the the wrong version from the kernel.
> freebsd-version(1) was created to solve this problem.

Thank you, I think I knew that once but had forgotten.

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