How do you mount a Virtualbox shared folder? Group or permissions issue?

Nicholas Papadonis at
Wed Nov 6 05:40:39 UTC 2019

Does anyone know the procedure for a non-root user to gain access to
Virtualbox shared folders?

This was fairly straightforward in Debian, however I'm having challenges
with FreeBSD.  It looks like a group and permissions issue.  In Debian, I
simply created a group "vboxsf", added my unprivileged user to it, chgrp
the mount folder and then mounted.  I tried this in FreeBSD I used this
procedure, however the group gets changed on the folder to "wheel" after
mounting the shared folder.

Your guidance appreciated.

$ mkdir /mnt/srcr

$ ls -ld /mnt/srcr
drwxr-xr-x  2 root  vboxsf  512 Nov  6 00:03 /mnt/srcr

$ sudo mount -t vboxvfs Source /mnt/srcr

$ ls -ld /mnt/srcr
drwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  576 Oct 14 21:45 /mnt/srcr

$ whoami
$ pwd
$ ls /mnt/src
drwx------  10 root  wheel  320 Oct 14 21:35 X/
$ ls /mnt/src/X
ls: X/: Permission denied

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