Pkg broken after 11.3 upgrade

Robert Fitzpatrick robert at
Mon Nov 4 14:33:09 UTC 2019

>> Did you read the how to update documentation? It seems not.
>> You have put yourself in a bad position that it will take some effort 
>> to fix. It might be easiest to rollback to 11.2 and start over.
>>   freebsd-update rollback
>> You COULD try
>>    pkg-static upgrade -f
> Yes, this appears to work and will try tonight. Sorry, I do need to read 
> through all, didn't even know about rollback.

I actually got to this over the weekend. I did a rollback that appeared 
to work without a problem. After the rollback, all working again under 
11.2-RELEASE-p14. I then did 'pkg-static update -f' that appeared to 
update all packages where 'pkg update' said all were up to date. Then I 
did a normal 'pkg upgrade' and all packages updated as expected without 
issue. After a reboot to make sure all was good, I then proceeded with 
the upgrade once again...

     freebsd-update -r 11.3-RELEASE upgrade

All completed as expected, but when I rebooted after the first 
'freebsd-update install' was issued, I am now faced with 'BTX halted' 
without reaching the boot menu.

Is there something I can try for this issue to boot back into the OS?


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