How to convert svn repository change date to epoch timestamp?

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Sun Nov 3 14:00:17 UTC 2019

On 03 Nov 2019, at 05:03, mj-mailinglist at wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to convert the output of this command
> svnlite info --show-item last-changed-date /usr/src/
> to an epoch timestamp with base tools.
> The output looks like this: 2019-11-03T07:11:09.005639Z

That seems very close to the gnu date output for ns:
# gdate -Ins
# gdate -Iseconds

> The date man page gives this example for converting dates:
> date -j -f "%a %b %d %T %Z %Y" "`date`" "+%s"
> (maybe add the info, that you have to use LC_TIME=C for this example to work)
> I came up with this date format string "%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ" but this
> lacks the fractions part of the seconds.

If you have gnu date you 

# gdate --utc +"%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.%N”

To get current UTC time in the format you want.

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