doc listing of a full install's structure?

MJ mafsys1234 at
Fri Nov 1 22:03:27 UTC 2019

On 2/11/2019 7:00 am, Frank Fenderbender wrote:
> I seek two
> 1) a full structural listing which I require for partitioning;
What is that? Install FreeBSD with default partitions if you're unsure what you want.
> 2) the minimum-required and performance-optimizing sizes for each.
See above.
> Ubuntu 18.04 is the primary OS  on the first internal drive, whereon exists the EFI partition and the GRUB install.
> This (1-TB) internal HD will be used for FreeBSD only, however, I want the HD's partitions to match the structure so that backups are more-easily scheduled according to use, that data corruption is minimized, and so that system-restores are manageable.

I admit I'm confused.



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