Help wanted: Install of p5-JSON-Parse removes Perl ???

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at
Fri Nov 1 06:13:20 UTC 2019

In message <2b4dbaff-9eb3-4e9d-bf62-505683dc7ce1 at>, 
MJ <mafsys1234 at> wrote:

>> Yeabut is that a good excuse to render my already installed Perl
>> non-functional, which is exactly what happened?
>Well what's it to do? If you have one package dependent on 5.28.2 and another 
>one on 5.30.0 then it has no choice.

Yes, it does.  Stop and require manual intervention is a reasonable choice.

>Perhaps what would be preferred is that it stops any install and tells you
>that the package needs 5.30.0 and you have installed 5.28.2? That would
>seem more logical.

We agree.

>> But that seems like a minor concern at this point.  Far more troubling
>> is the fact that pkg, in its infinite wisdom, somehow decided to install
>> two versions of Perl at the same time, breaking both in the process.
> From afar it didn't break both, it just failed to add a softlink. Is that not
> the case?

I am able to answer that question definitely at this point in time, hoever
now that I have Perl back and working again I see that the /usr/local/bin/perl
file on my system is quite distinctly and certainly *not* a synmlink, and
also, the file inseld is showing up on ls -l as having a link count of 1.

>> I hope that somebody will look at that.
>Well, nobody here will unless the maintainer for perl is active. If you want
>this looked at, I suggest contacting the port maintainer and/or raising a
>bug report.



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