Increasing shutdown timeout

Victor Sudakov vas at
Fri Nov 1 02:55:37 UTC 2019

Andrea Venturoli wrote:
> I'm having some problems on different servers with shutdown timeout.
> For the curious, it ranges from bhyve VMs failing to stop (and keeping 
> running as zombie, preventing real shutdown after init died), to NUT 
> shutdown script not having the chance to run (so the UPS power won't get 
> killed and the servers won't come up again unless all batteries are 
> fully drained before the power comes back).

I've had a lot of trouble with VMs not shutting down properly after
apcupsd ininitates a shutdown. I had to place an additional script:

/usr/bin/logger -p daemon.warn UPS stopping all VMs
/usr/local/sbin/vm stopall
/usr/bin/logger -p daemon.warn VMs stopped

as "/usr/local/etc/apcupsd/doshutdown". 

You have NUT not apcupsd, but you may find my workaround useful.

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