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Christian Barthel bch at
Thu May 23 09:02:05 UTC 2019

Alexandru Goia <bsdunix99 at> writes:

> greetings. how can do i get attuned in a logical manner with the
> *bsd/freebsd kernel source code ? thank you very much !

As others already suggested, there is a very good book on the
FreeBSD operating system by M.K. McKusick, G.V. Neville-Neil and
R.N.M Watson [1].  

At [2], one of the FreeBSD developers (R.N.M. Watson) wrote a
public mail where and how to start with the FreeBSD source code
(it's from 2005, but I guess the overall "idea" how to start is
still valid).

I personally found DTrace also a very helpful tool to discover
and observe the activity from the kernel (beside other standard
tools like ktrace(1) and so on).

The Linux kernel community has a "kernel-newbies" mailinglist.  I
am not aware that something similar exists for FreeBSD but I
personally would appreciate that for FreeBSD as well.  Anyone
aware of something like that?


Christian Barthel <bch at>

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