Suggestions for working with unstable nvme dev names in AWS

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Thu May 16 19:36:04 UTC 2019

On 15/05/2019 04:06, Matthew Seaman wrote:
> This is a pretty difficult problem.  Unless AWS can supply some sort of
> identification of the device beyond the /dev/nvme1 device specials or
> else somehow guarantee ordering so the device names are consistent
> across multiple EC2 instances then about your only possible choice is to
> develop some heuristics like "if the device is 300MB in size then it's
> the special high-IOPS device I want to use for my separate zlog."

I have it on good authority that you should be able to extract the
Volume ID 'vol-9999999999' from the output of nvmecontrol -- however I
don't know much beyond that, and I don't have any readily accessible
hardware to test against.  Knowing the volume ID I believe should be
sufficient for you to be able to set a meaningful glabel on the drive
partitions (or however you want to do it).



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