ZFS Backup on remote FreeBSD system

Christian Barthel bch at online.de
Wed May 15 18:58:12 UTC 2019

I am using FreeBSD on my notebook and send ZFS
snapshots over to a second FreeBSD machine.  The full
command for doing an initial (full) backup is: 

 zfs send -R zroot/usr/home@${DTIME} | \
   ssh ${user}@${HOST} zfs recv -Fdvu zroot/host1

According to zfs(1), all properties and descendant file
systems are copied as well (and of course, this works
as described).  However, it also sets the mountpoint
and canmount option and after a reboot of the backup
host, ZFS mounts those file systems.  I am planning to
have multiple hosts beneath zroot i.e. zroot/host1,
zroot/host2, ... and because of that, I would prefer
not automounting those file systems or mount them below
/zroot/hostX/ (*).  Is this possible somehow i.e. is
there a simple way to do that?  Anyone doing something

Should I set each mountpoint on the backup system

Will this property change when sending an incremental
backup with -Ri or will it be reset again?  In that
case, it would be necessary to set it every time after

I am aware that there are ports which ease the job of
backing up systems but in this case, I would prefer to
do it without any additional software.  But I am
curious about how other tools deal with this if anyone

Thanks for your help!

(*) in particular, when I am sending zroot/ROOT/default
    it may overlay my actual system config with the
    remote one.
Christian Barthel <bch at online.de>

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