VirtualBox Extensions Pack (for USB and Video)

Tomasz CEDRO tomek at
Tue May 7 15:37:41 UTC 2019

On Tue, May 7, 2019 at 5:23 PM Johannes Lundberg <johalun0 at> wrote:
> Out of curiosity I googled and it seems you might be able to
> pass-through the entire USB controller using PCI pass-through. Not sure
> it's so practical  if you end up loosing input capability on the host
> (and also the guest since it's VNC)... Would be nice though if bhyve had
> all the required functionality so we'd have a more "native" and open
> source solution for all VM needs.

In VirtualBox, when you select a given USB device, it is then lost to
the Host and re-connected into Guest. Then you can "unselect" the
device from a list the disconnect it from Guest and re-connect to the
Host. This is for the "on-the-fly" attachments. But some devices needs
to be enumerated directly and would not work that way, so you can
create a "filter" that would directly attach given USB device into the

Loosing all of the USB Host for the Guest may not be desirable because
then I would loose touchscreen, LTE modem, touchpad, etc.. but I am
sure @HPS can invent a solution for that problem :-)

Another thing would be 2D/3D graphics acceleration in bhyve Guest
under Xorg. But if nVidia driver could implement 3D acceleration into
Linux Emulation, that could be also implemented into bhyve..?

That bhyve stuff sounds really nice! Once again thanks for that great
hint! I have to finish some hardware+firmware project and then I would
get into bhyve :-)

Best regards! :-)

ps/2: I have to check if bhyve can emulate ARM on x86 that would be fun!!


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