VirtualBox Extensions Pack (for USB and Video)

Goran Mekić meka at
Tue May 7 15:03:17 UTC 2019

As far as I know bhyve doesn't have USB passthroug which I understand you're after. It might be false as I didn't check since last year

On 7 May 2019 16:44:45 CEST, Tomasz CEDRO <tomek at> wrote:
>On Tue, May 7, 2019 at 4:40 PM Johannes Lundberg <johalun0 at>
>> On 5/7/19 7:26 AM, Tomasz CEDRO wrote:
>> > On Tue, May 7, 2019 at 4:11 PM Johannes Lundberg
><johalun0 at> wrote:
>> >> On 5/6/19 12:42 PM, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
>> >>> On 2019-05-06 20:49, Tomasz CEDRO wrote:
>> >>>> @HPS have you ever considered such operation? If the FreeBSD's
>USB can
>> >>>> be shared to the userland, maybe that could be also shared to
>> >>>> Virtual Machine?
>> >>> Hi,
>> >>> The problem is inside VBOX, that the USB APIs only support USB
>1.x and
>> >>> not in FreeBSD from what I understand last time I checked.
>> >>> --HPS
>> >> Maybe bhyve is an option? I have completely replaced virtualbox
>> >> bhyve for my vms and loving it but I haven't tested it with usb
>> > Hmm, thanks Johannes for that hint.. can you run Windoze (yuck),
>> > and other stuff as full hypervisor or does this work more like
>> > separated dedicated FreeBSD Jail?
>> I haven't tried Windows but it's supposed to work. I'm running Ubuntu
>> successfully with graphical desktop in bhyve. It uses VNC for the
>> graphical interface so it's not the best experience but it's usable
>> you don't have too high requirements. Mostly my VMs are headless.
>> Check
>> For managing my VMs I like this one
>Sounds really nice and what I need! More than that we would develop
>true Open-Source solution :-)
>Thank you Johannes !! :-)
>Best regards :-)
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