firefox 66.0.3 disables noscript

Dave B g8kbvdave at
Tue May 7 08:14:46 UTC 2019

You can tell FF not to check certificates for add-on's, without
affecting the usual certificate system.

That is what I did to "restore" add-on functionality.   (But I only have
one, "Ublock Origin", replaces addblock+ and no-script. Very low impact
and no need to continually faff about with scriping settings.)

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>From ZDnet:-

For Firefox users that are currently impacted by this bug, an easy
workaround would be to visit the  about:config  section and set 
xpinstall.signatures.required  to false. This disables the extension
signing mechanism in Firefox, the system through which the browser
verifies that the local extension is one that's been installed from the
central Mozilla Add-ons repository --and for which the signing
certificate had expired.

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However, it's now fixed, in other major OS version of FF, so perhaps
someone needs to update the F'BSD version.

(Once updated, you can of course re-instate add-on cert' checks...)


Dave B.

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