Why is Sendmail still around?

Matthew Seaman matthew at FreeBSD.org
Sat Mar 30 08:39:55 UTC 2019

On 30/03/2019 02:43, Polytropon wrote:
> Sorry, maybe I didn't write my current problem in a more
> precise way: The SmartHost option (mail relay provided by
> ISP) is gone, I have to "directly contact" the mail provider
> via SMTP to get messages out (through their system). This
> is what I'd like to get sendmail doing, i. e., MUA submits
> locally to sendmail instance, sendmail (or something invoked
> by sendmail) opens SMTP connection to mail provider, sends
> messages, logs successful sending.

This actually exactly parallels the situation for FreeBSD committers who
want to use the FreeBSD mail infrastructure to send messages from their
@FreeBSD.org accounts.  Funnily enough there's an e-mail conversation
going on about this very thing right now, which has lead to this new
section in the Committer's Guide:


However that only contains instructions for use with Postfix so far,
but watch that space as it is entirely possible that sendmail and/or
exim instructions will be added in the relatively near future.

Although, personally, I'd recommend ditching sendmail and installing
postfix instead.



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