security/ca_root_nss missing Let's Encrypt X3 certificate

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Wed Mar 27 09:04:13 UTC 2019

On 3/26/19 4:10 PM, Lorenzo Salvadore via freebsd-questions wrote:

> I sometimes experienced similar strange behaviors with certificates.
> I do not know very well how certificates work, but I think time is a factor
> and if responses arrive too late the certificate is not correctly recognized
> (please, be patient if I'm wrong, my knowledge on the topic is vague).
> I notice that we are both from Italy: I wonder if the problem is that our
> connections sometimes are too slow to have certificates work correctly.

I confirm I have a slow line (can't get anything better here unfortunately).
However, AFAIK, a slow line can't cause certificate misvalidation (I 
waited some time before answering, hoping someone more expert than me did).

  bye & Thanks

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