MUA from ports mail/geary is crashing on composing a new mail

Matthias Apitz guru at
Wed Mar 20 08:22:50 UTC 2019


I've installed in CURRENT (r342378) and from ports (December 23) the
port mail/geary 0.12.4_1, a MUA, just for testing because it will be the MUA in
my new mobile device (see )

After inserting the IMAP and SMTP credentials, geary starts fine and
presents my IMAP mbox from my server. When I compose a new mail, I can
insert the To: and C: addrs and Subject: and when I enter the text area for
the body it crashes and dumps core.

To where I direct further question or bug investigations? There is
nothing in with a search term
'geary'. As MAINTAINER the ports Makefile has gnome@


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