Barebone kernel options request

Carmel NY carmel_ny at
Mon Mar 11 13:54:52 UTC 2019

On Mon, 11 Mar 2019 09:08:48 -0400, Robert Huff stated:

>Polytropon writes:
>>  You will then make a copy of the GENERIC kernel configuration file
>>  and adjust it to your needs, i. e., remove all the entries you do
>>  not need.  
>	Proceed with caution here.
>	I do not know if it is currently true, but it has in the past
>been the case that (e.g.) option Q depends on device F which depends
>on device B; while the relationship between Q and F is documented in
>the config file, the one between F and B is not.
>	The easy targets are disk(/RAID) drivers and network cards.
>After that?  Stay alert; trust no-one; keep your un-delete key handy.
>			Respectfully,
>				Robert Huff

Just out of some sort of morbid curiosity, I would be interested in
knowing exactly what problem the OP is trying to correct or alleviate
here. If his storage, memory or whatever resources are stretched to the
limit, he would be better served by purchasing a newer, more powerful
machine. "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear."


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