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On Thu, 27 Jun 2019 10:37:01 +0200, Ralf Mardorf via freebsd-questions wrote:
> A few years ago some big German cities migrated from a
> proprietary operating system to Linux and not that much later back to
> the proprietary operating system.

Consider the actual reasons for this back-migration, and also
consider the results (even worse increasing costs than before
the initial migration).

> Just take a look at the homepage of the German fiscal authority:
> An important note mentions, that an option is only available for a
> proprietary operating system. "Wichtiger Hinweis: Zur Zeit ist der
> FormsForWeb Filler nur für Windows verfügbar."

This also applies to ElsterAuthenticator, where a Linux version
is available, but buggy, written in poor Java. Other tools like
sv.net comfort are only available for the most recent version
of "Windows". Free access does not exist.

> Keep in mind that some software is not available at all for FLOSS
> operating systems and if a replacement should be available, it's often
> not that compatible as claimed.

This is especially true when you need software for a special
purpose. Maybe I would call them "niche software", but it is
actually in heavy use, like accounting, payroll, time-work
management, or ticketing systems. Those are not web-based,
but require the use of "Windows" (and: no, you cannot use
older versions). Trying to run those with wine is often very
complicated, as it ties very heavily into the bowels of "Windows"
and cannot run with the (limited) support of wine. Sure, you
can use a VM with "Windows" on an otherwise Linux or FreeBSD
system, but that doesn't really solve the problem.

> If you send a file to a printing house,
> you need to generate a file that is 100% compatible to the common used
> standard, a 99% compatible file could cause a lot of trouble.

That's why Postscript exists. :-)

> In my experiences the first mistake usually is already done after
> downlaoding an installation media. Not many users check it against a
> signed checksum. I provided a script on some Ubuntu flavour mailing
> lists [1]. However, even this script can't provide a web of trust.

The same applies to updates to expensive and "secure" software,
as presented on a CCC a few years ago. FTP. The pure horror.
Checksum test disabled, no further disagreement. ;-)

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