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Mustafa Kuscu mustafakuscu at gmail.com
Thu Jun 27 07:44:51 UTC 2019


There is a trend to migrate towards FOSS systems in the public sector
of Turkey. An interesting example is the Turkish IRS, who released its
own distribution called GIBUX. Also, municipal organizations are
taking the path from Windows 7 to Linux (a Debian based distribution
called Pardus). Public schools with interactive boards in classes are
replacing Windows 7 with a Pardus distro for boards.

It is very appealing to convert a financial institution to a Linux/BSD
environment, however, there might be some regulatory issues depending
on the legislation such as COBIT, ITIL, etc which enforce IT
governance and security, central management, etc. In order to
complement linux/bsd with such enterprise features (not financial
industry specific), I know they had to develop replacement tools for
Active Directory and SCCM/Group Policy tools so that an LDAP based
management infrastructure can be built. It is already available as an
open source project called LiderAhenk. But at some point, all your
systems and their dependencies ought to be supported in some sense to
reach a proper acceptable risk level imposed by those standards.

Personally, the hardest part in converting a bank to linux/bsd would
be the bank branch. The reason is the variety of specialized equipment
(scanners, printers, wating queue displays, security and digital
signature devices) all need connectivity, vendor support and sometimes
specialized drivers that only work on Windows. To overcome that, GIBUX
approach may be good as they have similar environment in their

This guy shares their experiences on migration with quite a bit of
detail: https://www.pendik.bel.tr/sayfa/detay/bilgi-islem-mudurlugu%7Cpardus-ve-acik-kaynak-kod-donusum-projesi
You can google-translate it.

Probably there are many other similar approaches. I wanted to
materialize a few, and would be happy to see more discussed.

Kind Regards,

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