Can I recreate my .snap directories ?

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at
Mon Jun 24 22:02:39 UTC 2019

I was looking at my various UFS filesystems and noticed each one
had a .snap directory.  I did some small amount of reading about the
purpose of these online and was (incorrectly) persuaded that they
had relevance only to people using dump/restore for backups which
I personally don't use.  So I went 'round and deleted each one from
each of my UFS filesystems.

In short, I bozo'd it.

Now I just read the newfs man page, and the description of the -n option,
and I see that these .snap directories are needed to support background

So, can I just recreate them all, on my existing USF filesystems, i.e.
via mkdir, and then setting the proper owner, group, and permissions?
I mean they don't need to appear first in the relevant directory files
or anything special like that, do they?

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