Cleaning emailUSB WiFi adapter for FreeBSD 10.3

Thomas Mueller mueller6722 at
Mon Jun 24 09:06:55 UTC 2019

> I am looking for an USB WiFi adapter that would work with my FreeBSD
> 10.3. preferably something readily available online.
> And before you tell me to upgrade, this is a pfSense box, upgrading is
> not a solution.
> Alternatively, I have one adapter that is recognized as product 0xc811
> vendor 0x0bda (Realtek), but the system has no proper driver for it, so
> if I could get driver, that could be a workable solution.
> TIA,    
> Olivier 

I use Hiro H50191 USB WiFi adapter with FreeBSD 11.1-STABLE, believe it worked with 10.3, seems to work with FreeBSD 12.0-STABLE when booted in UEFI mode.

I haven't shopped recently so don't know how readily available Hiro ( H50191 is now.  This adapter does not work with NetBSD.

FreeBSD driver is rsu.


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