Eliminating IPv6 (?)

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Tue Jun 18 03:10:05 UTC 2019

I do not wish to begin any religious war here.  I understand that IPv6
can be a sensitive and sometimes even emotional issue for many people.
Speaking only for myself, and only for the present moment, I can say
that for me, IPv6 represents only an annoyance and a very sizable
distraction.  At present, I don't use it and have absolutely no need
to do so.  I would thus like to simplify my life by eliminating it from
my (12.0-RELEASE) system, so that I  won't even have to think about it,
or wonder about it, e.g. when I am configuring my firewall, my daemons,

I have tried searching for instructions on how to do this online, but
the suggestions and recommendations for how to do this vary widely.
There does not seem to be any "standard" set of recommendations for
how to simply turn off all IPv6 for a given system, short of rebuilding
the kernel, from scratch, with proper options to eliminate IPv6 support
in the kernel entirely.

I finally settled on trying to add the following options to my /etc/rc.conf


These seem to have worked only marginally.

After a fresh reboot, my loopback interface (lo0) for example is still
configured to have -both- IPv4 -and- IPv6 addresses... and routes...
associated with it.

How can I turn off IPv6 entirely without rebuilding the kernel?


P.S.  Please, please, please, refrain from giving me a sermon about how
I am an idiot and/or about how IPv6 is going to save mankind and/or the
galaxy as we know it.  I am pro choice, and I don't really wish to have
IPv6 rammed down my throat before I am ready to swallow.  I don't need it,
don't use it, and for me, life is much simpler without it for now.

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