Dovecot 2.3 error, FreeBSD 12 in a jail

David Mehler dave.mehler at
Sat Jun 15 04:13:07 UTC 2019


I'm trying to get Dovecot going on my system. It's a FreeBSD
12.0-RELEASE system and it's running dovecot 2.3 via ports in a jail.
I'm getting the same error message(s) as in this bug report, which has
been marked as closed:

Dovecot is not starting at all in this jail when starting with service
dovecot start. A service dovecot status also reveals the error message
about /var/run/dovecot/dovecot.conf file, but a doveconf -n does not
reveal any configuration file issues. I did put a symlink in
/var/run/dovecot to /usr/local/etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf, this did not
correct the issue.

Any suggestions welcome.

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