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Wed Jun 5 15:12:08 UTC 2019

On Mon, Jun 03, 2019 at 08:18:36PM -0400, J. Altman wrote:
>I'm not subscribed to the freebsd-questions list; so this is
>outside the thread you started.
>I use this:
>This is in my rc.conf: font8x8=vgarom-8x8.fnt
>If you type vidfont in a terminal, you'll see
>some choices; I was able to use Gallant in a
>different version of FreeBSD with a different
>graphics card; but  with my current setup and
>the changes in X impacting FreeBSD, I can only
>use the 8x8 font.
>You may have a different experience; so I suggest
>using vidfont at a command line to see what you get.
>Also, if you could, please Cc: the list in your reply
>so that this info becomes available...I've not seen
>any one else offer it for the past several months,
>so it seems like no one knows about vidfont...but I
>could be wrong about that.
>Best of luck,


[I've Cc'd to the list as requested]

Thanks for this. Was suprised there were so few fonts though. I thought
the nicest ones were Gallant and if only terminus-b32 (I guess the 32 is
the font size) could be 12-point I'd use that. Hopefully there's a way
of adding more fonts.


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