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Wed Jun 5 03:52:27 UTC 2019

On Tue, 4 Jun 2019 16:52:04 +0300, Amit Yaron wrote:
> Thanks!
> I've set it in my ~/.bashrc
> Just wanted a user-friendly tool with which I can edit the variable.

As this variable is optional (for the operation of the ls program),
there is no such tool. Except of course you consider your editor of
choice as such a tool, which edits _files_ that have an effect on
setting the variable. Or you can see the line editing feature of
your shell as such a means... as both are very user-friendly. ;-)

However, when you have set $LSCOLORS once, there is hardly any need
to change it several times a week. The color codes and the positional
parameters that form the variable's content can be found in "man ls".
Do some experimenting in your shell, and save the final result to
~/.login_conf or your shell's startup file, which in case of bash
is ~/.bashrc (for interactive shells; see section "INVOCATION" in
"man bash" for details).

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