to jail or not to jail

David Mehler dave.mehler at
Sun Jun 2 00:30:34 UTC 2019


I've got a newly installed FreeBSD 12 vps. It's going to be running a
web server/php hosting multiple sites, with letsencrypt tls
certificates for each. It's also going to be running an email server,
postfix, dovecot, rspamd, mysql database backend, again with the same
letsencrypt tls certificates. Previously I've had all this on one

What I'm wondering is if I should jail off these services, I've got a
zfs setup, still trying to wrap my head around that, and am wondering
should I run the database in one jail, the webserver/php in another
jail, and the email server in a third jail? If I do this how would I
get the tls certificates in to each jail, I'm looking for the maximum


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