Best hardware for a replacement desktop?

Paul Pathiakis pathiaki2 at
Tue Jul 30 14:39:13 UTC 2019

 Ok... I have an opinion on this as well.....
The TR is a specific socket and not AM4 like the the rest of the Ryzen series.
I have the AM4 boards, all from ASUS ( I guess I'm one of the few people that have never had a problem with an ASUS board in over 25 years...).  I have B350 and X470s....
The nice thing about AM4.... I can pretty much plug-n-play with all these boards with my Ryzen 1600, 2600x and 2700x chips....  I had considered the TR but I have noticed that the high-end 3000 series are outperforming the TR 2000 series.... I'm now looking to get an X570 and, probably, 3600x maybe even lower with the 3600.  Honestly, I don't need any more computing power.
(I'm not saying that the TRs socket isn't, it's just I like having the option of so many chips on AM4 and I see it as more of mainstream vs niche.)

It comes down to having it a year before it's obsolete.  I expect AMD, with their "fantasy roadmap" (which I can't believe they are making a reality and executing so perfectly on), will have AM4 chips of the 4000 series at the high end next year that will, probably, beat the TR of this year....
Then there's cost:
Typically, TRs cost about $1000 when they first come out.... the x700 and x800... about half that.  Power consumption is 2-2.5x more than the AM4 set.... so TCO is much higher.  (Also, there is the 3900 and the yet to release 3950 <--- !!!! )

Personally, if I was flush with disposable cash... I really want a TR but I can't justify it. :D
I'd suggest looking at the various benchmarking sites on line for specmarks and the like and weighing all the costs, initial versus ongoing (electric bill.)
I've had the first 2 generations of Ryzen and I am blown away by their the speed and low TDP.
I also wait until Black Friday sales to grab a new MB, CPU, and Memory.... Since my PSUs can handle 550-650W, I can easily upgrade as the new chips are even lower on TDP.
Above is just a lot of stuff to consider.... right or wrong... it depends on your needs.

    On Tuesday, July 30, 2019, 10:14:48 AM EDT, Robert Huff <roberthuff at> wrote:  
    As long as we're talking hardware ....
    I am speculating about replacing roughly ten year old
machines with something based on AMD's Threadripper series.  
I know these have only come out fairly recently; is anyone 
using them and willing to share their experience?


                Robert Huff

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