for how long can I expect the update servers to be slow?

hw hw at
Mon Jul 29 21:58:09 UTC 2019


are the update servers still overwhelmed, or is there something else

root at cdebsd:~ # pkg install xrdp emacs-nox cde
Number of packages to be installed: 116

The process will require 2 GiB more space.
335 MiB to be downloaded.

Proceed with this action? [y/N]: y
[1/116] Fetching xrdp-0.9.10_2,1.txz: 100%  404 KiB  46.0kB/s    00:09
[2/116] Fetching emacs-nox-26.2,3.txz:  15%    6 MiB   8.2kB/s    15:03 ETA
[0] 0:pkg*                                 "" 23:46 29-Jul-19

About 20 minutes after starting this, the emacs-nox package has 90%
arrived ...

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