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Mon Jul 29 09:31:04 UTC 2019


On dl., jul. 29 2019, Kurt Hackenberg wrote:

> Hello people,
> So here's a question.  I'm trying to run FreeBSD 12.0 on a new 
> desktop PC, and it's not working.  I've read the relevant parts 
> of the
> handbook and release notes, installed the package 
> drm-kmod-g20190710,
> and added
>     kld_list="/boot/modules/amdgpu.ko"
> to rc.conf.  Booting ends up in a silent hang: screen goes dark,
> keyboard and mouse get no response, the system doesn't answer 
> pings.
> The only way out is to pull the plug.
> Without loading that module, booting succeeds, but /dev/dri 
> doesn't
> exist and the X server refuses to run.

I was hit by a very similar thing, though more complex because AMD 
Ryzen laptop.
For reference, this applied to a ThinkPad A485, but I think the X 
driver bits apply to you.

First of all, AMZ Ryzen laptops are affected by bug #231760, which 
keeps them from booting normally, I had gotten around it by 
setting hw.pci.mcfg=0 in the boot loader; this is not relevant to 
you, but it is in the global setting.

At that point, I had the laptop's bios at version 1.16, and was 
experiencing random crashes, which I thought were related to 
drm-kmod from 12-RELEASE worked just fine.

While researching the random crashes, someone suggested that I 
triple check the bios version, which I did to 1.24.
This, and only this, broke drm-kmod and left it in the same state 
you mention, except, after I booted single-user mode and removed 
drm-kmod, X started, but only on the laptop's screen (no external 
one, because no graphics card detected).
For reference, this is the bug (needs update and closing): 

Since, at this point I had 13-CURRENT compiled and running with a 
patch for 231760, I discovered that there is drm-devel-kmod in 
there, which at time of this email is version 5.0.g20190722, as 
opposed to drm-kmod's which is 4.16.g20190722.
Installing that and rebooting resulted in a fully functional X 
with external screens.

So, my guess is that your card would work with drm-kmod 5.0, in 
fact, when I mentioned on the current ML that my system had fully 
functional X in 12-RELEASE, people were a bit amazed by it, it 
looks like support for AMD Ryzen cards has improved a lot between 
the versions.

Basically: try to get drm-kmod 5.0 in your system, maybe that'd 
You'd do that by compiling from source or checking the ports tree 
to find how drm-devel-kmod is built in 13-CURRENT and maybe that'd 
build for 12-RELEASE, someone else might be more useful here.
If you do manage and it solves your issue, documenting it might be 
useful for those that come afterwards with similar hardware and 
similar problems wanting to run 12-RELEASE.

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