Assign an IP address to a bridge fail

Pierre Dupond 76nemo76 at
Sun Jul 21 18:30:24 UTC 2019

Hi all,

          I am facing a strange problem. Just after installing a fresh

Freebsd 12 on an Pc Engines APU machine, I build a bridge with the 4

network cards.

If I try to setup the address of the bridge in the "/etc/rc.conf" file,
I can not ping (outside the address

given to the bridge). But if I comment the line for setting the address
in the file

"/etc/rc.conf" and I set the address manually with the command

"ifconfig bridge0 inet netmask" the ping works.

Do I have made an obvious mistake in the "rc.conf" file? What could be
the reason of this problem?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

best regards,

----------------------------------Content of the rc.conf
root at oche:~ # cat /tmp/rc.conf
cat: /tmp/rc.conf: No such file or directory
root at oche:~ # cat /etc/rc.conf
ifconfig_bridge0="addm igb0 addm igb1 addm igb2 addm igb3 up"
ifconfig_bridge0="inet netmask"
#Reste de la config
# Set dumpdev to "AUTO" to enable crash dumps, "NO" to disable

-----------------------------------------------Info about the bridge and
ping commands

bridge0: flags=8843<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> metric 0 mtu
        ether 02:91:bc:80:6d:00
        inet netmask 0xfffffe00 broadcast
        id 00:00:00:00:00:00 priority 32768 hellotime 2 fwddelay 15
        maxage 20 holdcnt 6 proto rstp maxaddr 2000 timeout 1200
        root id 00:00:00:00:00:00 priority 32768 ifcost 0 port 0
        groups: bridge
        nd6 options=9<PERFORMNUD,IFDISABLED>
root at oche:~ # ping
PING ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=64 time=0.221 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=0.202 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=64 time=0.203 ms
--- ping statistics ---
3 packets transmitted, 3 packets received, 0.0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 0.202/0.209/0.221/0.009 ms
root at oche:~ # ping
PING ( 56 data bytes
ping: sendto: Host is down
ping: sendto: Host is down
ping: sendto: Host is down
ping: sendto: Host is down
--- ping statistics ---
4 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100.0% packet loss

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