"invalid antenna gain in sprom"

MJ mjose01 at optusnet.com.au
Sun Jul 21 01:12:43 UTC 2019

Greetings Carmel,

1. sprom - stores the mac address, vendor details etc. It also stores 
maximum transmission power, hence the message.

2. Looking at the code, it's invalid (probably no value) and so it sets 
a base power level. No harm.

3. Look at man page for bwi, does this help.

4. Is it showing any errors etc in /var/log?

Hope this helps,


On 21/07/2019 1:53 am, Carmel NY wrote:
> I just installed FreeBSD 12 onto an older PC, mostly just to play
> around with it. Anyway, upon boot up I am presented with this message:
> Autoloading module: if_bwi.ko
> Autoloading module: if_bwn.ko
> bwi0: <Broadcom BCM4318 802.11b/g Wireless Lan> mem 0xfdefe000-0xfdefffff irq 16
>   at device 1.0 on pci2
> bwi0: BBP: id 0x4318, rev 0x2, pkg 0
> bwi0: MAC: rev 9
> bwi0: PHY: type 2, rev 7, ver 3
> bwi0: RF: manu 0x17f, type 0x2050, rev 8
> bwi0: invalid antenna gain in sprom
> Configuring vt: keymap.
> Autoloading module: uhid.ko
> Autoloading module: ums.ko
> I have not been able to get the wireless card to work, although I know
> that it does because I had Windows 10 running on this PC. I also have
> no idea what the "invalid antenna gain in sprom' means. Googling it has
> not produced a lot of useful data. I am just wondering if anyone has
> gotten this card to work and possible, what the 'sprom' warning is all
> about.

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