How to explore Android device files under FreeBSD ?

Manish Jain bourne.identity at
Sun Jul 14 20:58:18 UTC 2019

Hi Poly,

Nothing I have tried has worked so far. But I am willing to spend a few 
bucks to settle this once and for all (considering that FreeBSD does not 
yet support Bluetooth adapters).

My phone has WiFi connectivity too. So if I can get a WiFi adapter that 
is supported under FreeBSD, I could perhaps transfer files via that route.

Question is : is there a WiFi adapter that is supported under FreeBSD as 
well as available at Amazon India ( ?

Thank you & Regards,
Manish Jain

On 2019-07-14 23:14, Polytropon wrote:
> On Sun, 14 Jul 2019 01:34:46 +0200, Kjell Tore Ullavik wrote:
>> One simple way is to just install and start a ftp-server app on your phone.
> On Sat, 13 Jul 2019 19:36:08 -0400, Vlad D. Markov wrote:
>> I gave up on connecting via cabling. I installed an app that made
>> my phone an ftp server then I ftped the files onto my computer.
> Why doesn't it seem to occur to people that this sounds entirely wrong?
> It's not that it is impossible, or doesn't work - but shouldn't it be
> much easier to copy _your_ photos from _your_ phone without requiring
> a 3rd party app, registering for a crappy cloud service, or mess with
> "developer settings"?
> In my opinion, it should be as easy as attaching the USB cable and
> then immediately having access to a direct access mass storage, as
> per the standard. Mount it, copy your files, unmount it, done. No
> need for apps and cloud nonsense. Of course, using an MTP interface
> is also easy, and with GUI tools like gtkam, access is super easy.
> It should work that way by default, with cable.
> Why do manufacturers think it's okay to make things needlessly
> complicated? I mean... I even got this working with an iPad, so
> why should an Android-based phone, where Android is usually considered
> "some kind of Linux", force you to do annoying things? I think with
> the tools available on FreeBSD, it should be possible to get images
> copied from an Android phone without much messing with that phone.

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