How to explore Android device files under FreeBSD ?

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>> Why doesn't it seem to occur to people that this sounds entirely wrong?
>> It's not that it is impossible, or doesn't work - but shouldn't it be
>> much easier to copy _your_ photos from _your_ phone without requiring
>> a 3rd party app, registering for a crappy cloud service, or mess with
>> "developer settings"?
>> In my opinion, it should be as easy as attaching the USB cable and
>> then immediately having access to a direct access mass storage, as
>> per the standard. Mount it, copy your files, unmount it, done. No
>> need for apps and cloud nonsense. Of course, using an MTP interface
>> is also easy, and with GUI tools like gtkam, access is super easy.
>> It should work that way by default, with cable.
>> Why do manufacturers think it's okay to make things needlessly
>> complicated? I mean... I even got this working with an iPad, so
>> why should an Android-based phone, where Android is usually considered
>> "some kind of Linux", force you to do annoying things? I think with
>> the tools available on FreeBSD, it should be possible to get images
>> copied from an Android phone without much messing with that phone.
> I slightly disagree. A Linux based mobile device should behave like
> this.

As a matter of fact, Android by no means should be considered “Linux based”. (Maemo was one). Even though google used Linux kernel, but to that they have added big chunk of proprietary code, and whoever says what that code does will go to prison. Even worse, android system based devices are designed be  more and more resilient to attempts to reflash onto them with  “de-googled” android clones. I’ve been there recently, and after some time I ended up removing LineageOS and going back to whatever device vendor shipped device with. And I do not accept the label of "moron who wasn’t able to flash another system" (especially after I recovered a couple of times from HARD bricked state).

Google invested a ton of [? Uncounted and unaccounted for taxpayer’s money ?] into collection of information. It is even deeper task than brainwashing not only of zombies walking looking into their smart devices, but everybody. Windows insists on using their browser, and feeds “news” selected by them, Mozilla with Firerefox feeds everyone through their “pocket”, and so on. Yes, you can tune away the garbage that is on by default, but those of you who do do not matter as you are resilient to brainwashing anyway. It is the majority who don’t care that matter, as they will be the ones who praise “Democracy” which (opposed to Constitutional Republic) is a dictatorship (of majority over minority). And this majority will define though democracy what the future will be. So, brainwashing is tremendously important task. Why do you think the government is using my taxpayers money for programs to get everyone (who can not afford to buy one) smart phones.

Collection of information is yet even more important. And google definitely will do everything to guard the return they expect to have on their investment. Think if independence of American states from Britain would be successfully achieved if google existed (and was available for Britain) back then.

And yes, everyone who even asks the above questions, not even suggests answers is usually labeled as “conspiracy theorist”. So, use your brain while you are not labelling yourself that for thinking about these matters ;-)


> It should present itself via SSH and allow access to your photos
> with scp or rsync+ssh, and if you need some GUI, use something of KDE or
> Gnome which works on top of SSH to present the dirs and files in a
> Norton Commander style. My Ubuntu mobile device works like this (and I
> do use rsync and ssh/scp all days). The Android based mobiles *could*
> behave the same way, but Google does not want this and want that the
> user uses something else, for example some cloud. The upcoming
> L5 will also be a normal Linux system. I'm awaiting mine in Q3 of this
> year.
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