dead slow update servers

hw hw at
Sat Jul 13 03:43:05 UTC 2019

"Clay Daniels Jr." <clay.daniels.jr at> writes:

> TrueOS is downstream to FreeBSD. If you want to go that route that's fine,
> but I'm willing to take the little warts on the top dog in BSD, FreeBSD.

When it takes ages to install a package or to do an update, there is a
serious problem because my time is limited.  Time knows no mercy.

Other than that, I prefer FreeBSD because it feels better to go with the
original --- and now I learned that TrueOS forces you to use ZFS rather
than giving you choices when installing, and apparently (I can't really
tell yet) it uses more memory.

ZFS is great when you have JBODs while storage performance is
irrelevant.  I do not have JBODs, and in almost all cases, storage
performance is relevant.

> [...]
> downstream to FreeBSD. Who else has all the documentation. the variety of
> packages, etc. Nobody else in the BSD space.

So far, I'm delighted to see that there are so many packages, and it
seems the documentation is at least still as good as it generally used
to be 25 years ago.  That makes it like feeling more at home than with
current Linux distributions.  I should have tried FreeBSD decades ago

Unfortunately, by what the documentation says, virtualization seems to
be a weak spot?

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