dead slow update servers

hw hw at
Fri Jul 12 23:37:32 UTC 2019

Polytropon <freebsd at> writes:

> On Fri, 12 Jul 2019 19:04:23 +0200, hw wrote:
>> Hi,
>> are you guys seriously expecting users to download packages they want to
>> install at speeds around 25kb/s?  I'm already annoyed about them being
>> painfully slow when downloads are 1000 times faster than that.
> I've just tested with unaltered default settings, and I get
> varying speeds of 1 - 1.5 MB/s. A whole desktop system update
> (download, extraction, installation) didn't require more than
> 15 minutes.
> However, a download speed of 25 kB/s definitely looks like
> something is wrong...

It's what I got, and there don't seem to be a lot of servers, and none
of the ones I tried was any different.  The download speed was jumping
about from 8--300 at the extremes and more like 25 on average.

>> Unless there is a solution to this problem, I will probably give up on
>> trying out freebsd right away because usage in production even on my
>> servers at home, let alone at work, simply won't be feasible.
> Before you can check for a solution to a problem, you need to
> identify the actual problem. Is it within your network, or is
> some server you're downloading from too slow? This should be
> easy to find out if you provide some information, for example,
> which mirror you're using, the exact command you use to update,
> and so on.

Other downloads were not affected; I tried the default update... and
update<1..4>... servers; I used 'pkg install emacs-nox'.  That same command
showed reasonable download speeds with Trueos, which I tried
afterwards.  It probably uses different servers, like

> Also keep in mind that if you're performing your update at the
> same time many other users are doing it, the individual speed
> will of course go down.

This wasn't an update but a new installation made today.  Once
installed, I wanted to add stuff I usually use and see how far I would
get with installing a web server and maybe a database ...

BTW, how come that lower version numbers apparently give you more recent
software, like 11.x being ahead of 12.x?


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