dead slow update servers

Evilham contact at
Fri Jul 12 17:20:54 UTC 2019

On dv., jul. 12 2019, hw at wrote:

> Hi,
> are you guys seriously expecting users to download packages they 
> want to
> install at speeds around 25kb/s?  I'm already annoyed about them 
> being
> painfully slow when downloads are 1000 times faster than that.
> Unless there is a solution to this problem, I will probably give 
> up on
> trying out freebsd right away because usage in production even 
> on my
> servers at home, let alone at work, simply won't be feasible.

FWIW: I have noticed under *some* (but not all) IPv6-enabled 
connections that package downloads go at about that speed.

Until now I had assumed that something could be wrong with those 
IPv6 connections. Maybe there is something to look into there.

Just for science, I'd suggest you force IPv4 (pkg -4), see how it 
goes, force IPv6 (pkg -6), see how it goes, open a bug about it 
with the gathered information.

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