Unable to create virtual machines in VirtualBox

Manish Jain bourne.identity at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 11 14:56:50 UTC 2019

Hi Odhiambo,

Is there a HOWTO to be followed ? I do this like I have been doing it 
for over a year:

1) Install virtualbox-ose

2) Put 'vboxdrv_load=YES' in /boot/loader.conf

3) Put 'vboxnetadp_enable=YES' in /etc/rc.conf. Of late, this seems to 
have changed to 'vboxnet_enable=YES', so I just put both into rc.conf

4) Add myself to the group vboxusers and reboot

I should now be good to create vm's, but am flunking out the last few 
days. I allocate a vdi (fixed size) and attach the operating system's 
ISO as IDE controller under VirtualBox -> vm -> Settings -> Storage.

Then I start the virtual machine.

Windows 10 vm creation gets stuck midway, whereas Linux vm's refuse to 
ping the internet.

Is there some help you can provide to resolve the mess ?

Thank you & Regards,
Manish Jain

On 2019-07-11 20:05, Odhiambo Washington wrote:
> I am curious. Can you please point me to the HOWTO that you are following?

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