FreeBSD host, multiple jails, many with web servers

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Fri Jul 5 15:25:53 UTC 2019

> Op 1 jul. 2019, om 18:24 heeft Dale Scott <dalescott at> het volgende geschreven:
> BSD Now episode 259 has a segment on running multiple services using jails and a single public IP address. It’s on my Todo list to listen again and re-configure my own server. 

This is not going to work for OPs question. I just had a look, and this podcast basically points to this web page: <>

The writer of this article uses pf to redirect different ports to different jails, which is fine, assuming that every jail serves different services (so a jail offering smtp, a jail offering a webserver, a jail offering mysql), however if you want to have multiple jails serving a webserver, you only can redirect port 443 (or 80) once.

You will need a reverse proxy to redirect services based on the name to different jails. Shouldn’t be too hard, I guess.

A quick search on google found me this one: <>


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